The Bristol Avon Catchment Group

Welcome to our website, we are a consortium of organisations who are working together to implement a Management Plan for the Bristol Avon River Catchment

Our aim is...“to develop a collaborative plan to deliver a healthy, functioning, river environment across the catchment”

Through our contacts we have created a network that supports the our cause and allows us to generate new ideas on how to continue our mission to improve the river environment.  You can also let us know how you would like to contribution to improving your local river by e-mailing us direct or filling out the contact form.

We also have a number of partners with excellent volunteer programme if you would rather get hands on involvement. Ask Us! We invite you to learn more about the process and activities we are involved in here on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information as we welcome your input.

Stakeholder Workshops

28/08/2013 10:00

Workshop for dealing with Rubbish & Fly Tipping

Are you fed up of seeing shopping trolleys, old bikes, rubbish and litter in your local river?  Come along to our Anti-social Behaviour Worshop on the X of August 2013 in Bristol at the Y. We want to know where this is a significant problem and will be looking at ways we can reduce the amount...


24/07/2013 10:00

Workshop for Improving Recreation and Access

Do you use your river or water course for fishing, kayaking or bird watching?  do you ever have conflicts with other users? or would like to see better access or environmental improvements? Then our recreation & access workshop may be just what you need.   We want to know where...